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What are these Black Dots in Bamboo Salt!!

Black dots in bamboo salt. This is quite a common question and consumers often wonder with many don’t even know the reason behind it. More so because common salt does not have any black dots and is clear white. To understand this we need to take a step back and go back to the roots of how bamboo salt is made. There lies the answer to this question

Process of Making Bamboo Salt

For the production of bamboo salt, the following are required.

  • Sea water
    • Bambu® Salz comes from sea salt extracted in salt pans off the West coast of South Korea from the Yellow Sea.
  • Red Clay
    • The Red Mountain Clay is used to plug the open ends of the bamboo in which the salt is filled before roasting
  • Bamboo Trunks
    • 3 year-old bamboo is harvested in late fall or winter. Bamboo in this season contains many natural minerals.
    • The bamboo is stored under cover so that the juice and minerals are preserved.
    • The bamboo is cut into the right sizes. The white membrane on the inside of the tube is called Jukhwang and contains a lot of sulfur.

Unlike other salts, the process of making bamboo salt requires the salt to be roasted up to 12 times at high elevated temperatures which can reach up to 25000 degrees. This process is repeated many times to achieve what we call bamboo salt.

Why Bamboo Salt is Roasted

The ancient process of making bamboo salt science behind it. The process of roasting ensures that harmful chemicals are removed from the ingredients and only the pure essential ingredients are retained like 26 types of minerals.

Bamboo Salt Process in Pictures

Black Dots

During the process of manufacturing, salt is stuffed into bamboo and heated from the fire of pine trees. As a result, the bamboo trunks get burned and charred. When the salt is repeatedly roasted these bamboo trunks leave behind a trace of burnt bamboo which are nothing but activated carbon which is black in colour.

Once the roasting is over, the salt forms a solid barrel, which is then crushed to granules or powder form for consumption. This is when some of the burnt bamboo parts mix with salt.

Is It Harmful?

Interestingly this is what the medical world calls activated charcoal or carbon. This has proven to be useful in removing toxins from the body and is used as a medication for flatulence, indigestion etc.

So these small black dots are useful to the body and can be easily consumed. Listen to the short dialogue between Johny (Fictitious Character) and Your Purple Life Happiness Officer as they of about explaining the befits of these black dots.

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