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Frequently Asked Questions ? - Bamboo Salt

It comes from bamboo skin. The more bamboo salt is roasted, the more the power and smell of sulfur is present in the bamboo salt. Although it stinks but it is good for your health and once you get used to it, the smell will come natural to you. 

This unique sulfur smell indicates the power of bamboo salt to improve your health. If you are new to bamboo salt, you may try to mix it with lemon water and drink it initially. If you are using it for cooking, not just enhance the flavour of food like normal salt, it will make the food taste better too!

These are pieces of activated carbon from the bamboo. The more bamboo salt is roasted the more pieces of carbon will mix with the handmade sea salt. Carbon helps remove waste from the body. Thanks to those black dots, your health will benefit.

Due to the high temperatures of roasting, the active carbon and sulfur from the bamboo make the salt turns purple. The more the carbon from burnt bamboo comes in contact with the salt, the darker the shade of purple. 

Yes. Pregnant women need more minerals and trace minerals during pregnancy and it is extremely important in supporting reproduction.

When you consume bamboo salt, you may feel some inconvenient symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, itching, hives, etc., from time to time. These are not side effects. Each of these is regarded as a healing crisis, the body’s reaction to cure diseases, and they disappear naturally within several days. When you feel any of the inconvenient symptoms mentioned above, you need to gradually increase your amount of bamboo salt intake so that your body can adapt to it.

You can take bamboo salt with supplements but as for TCM or any medicine, it is advisable to have interval of two hours.

The main ingredient contributes to hypertension is sodium, however, the sodium content in bamboo salt is much lower if compared to table salt. In addition, the molecule size of minerals that is found in purple bamboo salt is in micron level, it can move freely from blood stream to cells and vice versa without creating osmotic pressure. Therefore, it does not cause high blood pressure if we consume it in moderate amount.



Yes, absolutely! Your four-legged friends need salt for their cells to function. Bamboo salt is good for pets and helps maintain cellular functions like fluid balance, acid-base balance and nerve signal transmission. However, it is best to stick to the diet prescribed by the vet.

Bamboo salt has preserved the traditional way of manufacturing and not been diluted by the modern process. This is a time consuming and laborious process that can take up to 35 days for the finished goods. It is the 35 to 50-day, labor-intensive process required to make bamboo salt expensive. For example the process of roasting is repeated multiple times to ensure the best quality. Read more about the making of bamboo salt here. 

PBS cooking bamboo salt – 2 times roasted at 2500 °C. 

PBS drinking bamboo salt – 6 times roasted at 2500 °C.

The technology of roasting bamboo salt at a high temperature of 2500°C is developed exclusively by Kaeam Food Ltd in Korea. The molecules of purple bamboo salt are smaller and  it is easier for the body to absorb it. By elevating the temperature to 2500, the process ensures that toxic elements are removed and the rich minerals are fused into the salt.

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