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What We Need Is Not Less Salt But Better Salt

Our Bamboo Salt Mission

We seek to source and provide the world’s best bamboo salt, build lifetime relationships, share bamboo salt culture and better the lives of our customers and our community. Our aim is sharing our knowledge on the merits, health benefits and spirit of bamboo salt.

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Learning More and Inviting Others

Gradually, we learned more about this rare and highly prized form of sea salt: how it is processed and roasted and the distinctions among different grades. We were pleased to note growing awareness of and interest in salt in Malaysia but were dismayed by the low quality of salt offered in cafes and restaurants. On our trips to Korea, we purchased some quality bamboo salt to bring home. Soon we were in the habit of drinking bamboo salt water every morning and turning friends into it. 

Sharing Our Knowledge

In addition to emphasizing quality, we also strive to share all the things we’ve learned about bamboo salt and the pleasures it can provide. And as we learn more, we want to continue to pass the knowledge onto others. We are committed not only to bringing you the best bamboo salt we can find but also the best information about ways to use it.

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