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Everyone uses salt in the kitchen from time to time. Or maybe you use bath salts. But have you ever heard of bamboo salt? A salt from Korea that is made with bamboo. It is known for being able to heal anything, that is why everyone calls it magic salt from Korea. But what exactly is bamboo salt?

Magic Salt from Korea

Bamboo salt is something that has been used in Korea for hundreds of years. There it has the name Jugyeom. It’s an age-old tradition that originated with Buddhist monks in Korea who were looking for a quick way to dry sea salt. Later, its purifying effects were noticed and used in healing rituals. Traditionally, bamboo salt that has been roasted up to 3 times has been looked at. It has long been known as an important healer in Eastern medicine. It would be good for everything from mouth ulcers to high blood pressure, troubled bowels or troubled muscles. An eye bath with bamboo salt is recommended for irritated eyes.

bamboo salt for cooking and bathing

During the process, attention is given to “Qi”; energy where all five elements come together. The salt from the seawater (water), the red clay from the mountains (earth), when baking in a cast iron pan (metal), coniferous wood is used (wood) on a fire with temperatures above 1700 degrees Celsius (fire).

This Korean tradition has remained the same over the years until someone was born in the early 1920s who would change it forever. Doctor Kim Il-Hoon was the first to say, “Why only 3 times? Why not 9 times?”. Nine is known as the most sacred number in East Asia. It symbolizes completeness and the attainment of full health. For example, the nine times roasted bamboo salt has been on the market since the 80s.

This Magic Salt from Korea is extracted from seawater (Fleur de sel). This salt is first dried for 3 years. Then 3-year-old bamboo is sawn into pieces on the nodes. These pieces are then filled with salt. In the mountains in Korea, red clay is harvested which is specially used to cover these bamboo salt pillars. These salt logs are then burned in an oven. It is important here that conifers are used as fuel. After the first roasting, the salt is ground again and it is placed in the bamboo once more and covered with clay in the oven. This process is repeated up to 9 times. After the ninth time, you have a very dark salt that has melted all the way into a kind of liquid lava. After the salt has cured, it is again chopped into small pieces and ready to be packaged for sale.

Bamboo salt from Korea

The salt is enriched in this way with the minerals from the bamboo. There is activated bamboo charcoal in the salt, but also large amounts of sulfur. The salt smells strongly of sulfur and has a high pH value.

We bought a small jar to test it and immediately noticed the smell. The strong sulfur smell is not to be underestimated. The taste is also quite intense. In Korea, this salt is taken as a kind of vitamin pill: let it melt under the tongue 3 times a day. After smelling the salt, I was only able to persuade a handful of colleagues to taste the salt. The taste was then quickly supplanted with a piece of chocolate.

Nowadays you see bamboo salt (magic salt from Korea) more and more in Europe in alternative medicine. There are doctors in Germany, for example, who prescribe it as a remedy. Bathing with bamboo salt, for example, would be very good for people with skin complaints such as psoriasis. However, all this applies: although many people swear by it, it is not an officially recognized medicine. There is of course nothing to say about the healing powers after tasting it once. For this, you will have to try this magic salt from korea yourself.

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