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- More Than Just Salt -

Learn the Story Behind Bamboo Salt

Korean bamboo salt is made in a most unusual way. Sea salt is dried in the sun, then inserted into bamboo trunks which are carefully sealed with yellow soil and then roasted over in clay furnace at a temperature of 2,500 °C. This process is repeated up to eight times. Each roasting increases the pH of the salt. The end product is a very alkaline salt that can be ground to a fine powder. This unconventional method of production is thought to have originated among Buddhist monks in South Korea who wanted to find a way of drying sea salt as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The resulting salt was used in healing rituals. Korean bamboo salt is still produced entirely by hand in the traditional way: no mass production techniques are involved. 

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- High quality Natural Ingredients and Materials -

Real Salt with Nothing to Hide

 Our Purple Bamboo Salt is made with only a handful of high-quality natural ingredients and materials. With no anti-caking agent or mystery ingredients, our healthy bamboo salt has nothing to hide—and everything to show.

Taken from Coastal Nature Reserve of Jeollabuk-do protected by the Korean government.

Triennial bamboo that grows in the sea winds, is high in sulfur. Sulfur assists our body to metabolize food and contributes to the health of your skin.

The soil free of manure collected from the mountains is passed nine times through a fine sieve. Then used to seal the sea salt in bamboo trunk. It is high in minerals, low in impurities.

Pure and filtered sprint water is mixed with the sea salt after the salt gets hardened due to roasting. So the salt can be stuffed into bamboo trunk again.

Fully dried and split into several parts so that it can be used to make up the fire. Alwatys kept out of the rain to keep the pine resin.

A natural fire starter that is kept fed into the fire to increase the fire temperature to 2500 °C.

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- the process -

Making of Bamboo Salt

Each Round Takes 8-10 hours

First Step

Sun Dried Sea Salt

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The sun-dried sea salt is collected from Coastal Nature Reserve of Jeollabuk-do.

First Step

Second Step

3 year Old Bamboo Trunks

image 3 2

The bamboo trunks are filled with the sea salt.

Second Step

Third Step

Yellow Soil

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The stuffed bamboo trunks then are capped with yellow soil.

Third Step

Fourth Step

Clay Oven Roasting

image 5 2They are burned in oven with pine wood for 8-10 hours.
Fourth Step

Fifth Step

Pine Wood Resin

image 6 2

The pine wood reason is constantly poured into the fire until it reaches 2500 °C.

Fifth Step

Sixth Step

Brush Off Bamboo Trunks

image 7 2Bamboo trunks are reduced to ashes now.
Sixth Step

Seventh Step

Mountain Spring Water

image 8 2

Dissolve salt column with spring water, then stuff the salt in new bamboo trunks.

Seventh Step

Final Step

Stuff, Roast, Repeat

image 9 2

Repeat the above burning process for 8 more times. For the last burn, the salt turns to purple lava. After cooling, it loos alike purple crystal.

Final Step

Hurray! . is Ready

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Healthy eating ?
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