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Salt is In All Types of Food. Here’s How to Cut Your Daily Sodium Intake

How to Cut Your Daily Sodium Intake, While this guidance is voluntary, its goal is to reduce the average daily sodium intake by about 12 per cent — from the 3,400 mg that people in the Uni

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How to Choose the Best Bamboo Salt

Jugyeom (Korean: 죽염), also known as bamboo salt, is a form of salt. It is prepared by packing bay salt in a thick bamboo stem and baking it nine times at high tempera

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Why is Bamboo Salt Spreading Across the World?

What is Bamboo Salt? Bamboo Salt aka Jukyeom is known as Swom in Tripura’s Kokborok language. Almost 1,000 years ago, Korean doctors and monks developed this salt to use as a remedy for va

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