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Purple Bamboo Salt was at first instance created by Korean herbalist, Dr. Insan in 1917. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is sea salt sun-dried, deposited in bamboo tubes, and capped with mineral-rich clay. The bamboo tubes are placed in a pine-wood furnace and roasted 9 times. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is ocean-harvested using organic. Buy Purple Bamboo Salt Foot Bath Now.


Purple Bamboo Salt Foot Bath

Special Notes:

  1. Insomnia – Besides having foot bathing, we encourage people who want to sleep better to drink 1 sachet of Drinking Purple Bamboo Salt before sleeping to see a better result.
  2. Diabetes – We suggest people with diabetes to drink Drinking Purple Bamboo Salt for 2 weeks to let the body adapt to bamboo salt before starting the foot bath.
  3. People with high blood pressure, seniors over 60 years old and pregnant women should limit the bath time to 15 minutes.

Bamboo Salt


foot bath4

Bamboo Salt

Copy of Bamboo Salt Bamboo Salt


15 Packs (1 Box), 15 Packs (1 Box), 2 Boxes + Foot Basin, 2 Boxes + Bamboo Salt



Net Weight: 20g x 5 sachets

Origin: Korea

Texture: Fine powder



Shelf Life: 3 years

Store in a cool, dry place, sealed in a container.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat and moisture.



Sun Dried Sea Salt

3-year-old Bamboo



Yellow Soil


Pine Resin

Spring Water



70 types of minerals and trace elements such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sulfur and Zinc.

How To Use

How to Enjoy Bamboo Salt Foot Bath

  1.     Fill a basin with enough warm water to cover the feet up to the ankles. Water temperatures between 30°C and 40°C are best to ease soreness.
  2.     Add 1 sachet of PBS Bamboo Salt to the water.
  3.     Place the feet in the water for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  4.     Dry thoroughly after the soak and feel how relaxed your feet are.



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